Teen Rights

If you are accessing sexual and reproductive health services as a teen in Arizona, you have rights. The following services are available to you and do not require parent/guardian permission.

  • You can attend an appointment by yourself and the appointment cost will be based on your income. You can self-verify your income, if any, at the time of your appointment. If you have low-income or no-income, you will not have to pay for services.
  • You can talk to your provider alone, without a parent or guardian in the room.
  • You can be given any form of contraception, based on your needs.
  • You can get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and you can get tested for HIV.
  • Some insurance plans may mail information about your visit to your house. Talk with your provider and they can ensure that no bills or documentation are sent. They can also ensure that any necessary follow up phone calls are only made to numbers approved by you.

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